Undying Gratitude

None of us make it through life alone. It has always been my goal to pay forward the amazing kindnesses, generosity, love, and support shown by some amazing human beings. Oh, and more than a few canine angels who graced my life so far and made me a better man. In no particular order, I pay homage to:

Jamie Wolkenbreit

Jennifer Dempsey

Kevin Lovell

Dottie Bloom Hill

Bart Schry

June “Junebug” Lantz

Don Miquel Ruiz

Dan Millman

Kimberly King (Starr)

Deanne Hillborn (Klug)

Ann Heathman

Clyde Phillips

Dean Rizzuto

Anthony Paterra

Simon Berger

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Rae Dawn Chong

Donna Farentinos

Donna Manfrino

Alex Paterson

Paul Domenick

Arnold Schwarzeneggar

Martina Navritalova

Jane Fonda

Teresa Bowerman (Moon)

Sam Visconti

Karen Albright Lin

Dennis Grosvenor